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Playing Catch Up

Okay, so my apologies about the long absence. All these tests and projects have just been due all at the same time which of course, always happens because college professors really DO like to make their student’s lives miserable. No matter. I also haven’t been updating as often because of some research I’ve been working on for my independent study. I’m excited to be getting some kind of break through, but the evidence is still lacking so I can’t really confirm a lot, just theorizing unfortunately. :/ However, other than that there hasn’t been much that’s been happening in my life. Just a lot of school and work for the most part. Also as per my usual, writing an update during in class… Which I haven’t yet decided is a good thing or bad thing, but considering how I did during the midterm for this class… I should probably pay just a little bit more attention. xP Right… I’m putting the split screen on my Windows 7 PC to good use right now. :P See:


Not sure Dr. Qian appreciated the flash in the back of the room when I took the photo, but I thought it was funny. :P You can kind of see my screen, but not really… The computer is in power save mode due to not having a power outlet right next to the table I’m sitting at in class.

Back to the original reason for writing this post, well it’s just as the title states. I’m playing this big game of catch up with the world. Now, I’m not going into the whole election and whatnot because I prefer to leave my political opinions to myself; that and I’m tired of people just going batshit crazy and rude about the whole thing. I understand both sides, but really people. Just get over it. It’s mostly just been a catch up game with school though. I’ve got a hell of a lot of assignments to get through not to mention some projects, and the research I’m doing with my independent study got off to a SLOW SLOW SLOW SLOW start… Had to do a lot of waiting before I could really do anything in regards to the initial purpose of the research for the semester. However, I still get to continue in the spring for some free time research, but by golly I will get the results I want! If not, then definitely something close to the results I want and am expecting. :P

So yes, lots of catching up to do and speaking of; I probably need to just concentrate now after that skit I pulled with the camera on my phone… xD Even if there is just thirty minutes left of class.

Until next time,

Soledad Trudeau

Slightly Going Insane

Week eleven of the school year is upon us. Five more weeks and the fall semester will be over. It’s just a bit crazy to think about and it’s mostly due to the fact that in just about thirty weeks I will be graduating from college. So you can see why the title is fair. And this week I’ve got not one, but TWO tests to study for and I will admit, I’ve slightly procrastinated about it; not good to do but it happens. I know however, that I tend to do better if I cram before the test. Now I certainly won’t be waiting until the very last minute to study because having done that before I know it doesn’t get me very far. xD Still there will be a lot of studying to do tonight.

Checklist thus far: (in priority order)

  1. Study for Applications of Database Management tomorrow 10.20.2012 @ 16:15
  2. Study for Programming Languages Test on Wednesday 10.31.2012 @ 14:45

Yeah… Being a computer science major is very difficult this close to graduation… And that’s been said by almost everyone who has been through this program. Hence why we all tend to go a little be insane. :3 At least I have got some sort of help on these tests though. Database is allowing a full 8.5x11 two sided cheat sheet to take in with you for the test and in Programming Languages well, Turner tends to reuse questions from old tests so there is that for study material as well. It’s actually a bit of a relief to say the least. There have been other tests that haven’t been as easy, but it’s a real test to your knowledge and how well you've retained it. Either way I’m still cramming till my head can’t take no more tonight and even while at work tomorrow morning. @.@

Just thinking about all the studying I have to is making my head hurt… But I’m more hungry now that I usually am… I wonder if its because I didn’t really have breakfast and I didn’t have as big of a lunch as I usually do. Bought a Quiznos sub and called it good. Now I’m feeling rather stupid for doing so since my stomach and yelling at me… And rather loudly. Good thing Turner is a loud speaker because then everyone will be looking over at me sitting awkwardly. xD People might even think I’m too poor to even eat which won’t be the first time that’s happened to me because I’ve actually been there. So it’s not so much of a big deal, but it can get awkward.

Well time to get back to listening in on lecture. Need all the help I can get for this test. Good thing McDaniel hasn’t decided to put in a Operating Systems test this week. I’d be pulling my hair out if he had.

Until next time,

Soledad Trudeau


Alright, so earlier this week (yesterday) I played around with Windows Live Writer. Now I think I’m starting to like it. I say that because it’s partially useful. I believe that I might like it merely because I’ll be able to free write with it and work on my stories again. I really want to get back into that. I have been going over a lot of my old stuff and just reading it helps me remember where I was going with and what I want to change so it doesn’t sound so amateurish; make it better and actually finish it. There’s a lot of writing to be finished. I know that I wont have time for it necessarily this semester or the next, but hopefully during the summer I can get back to writing. :]

Well that’s all I fee like talking about for now. There’s lots of homework and research to be done.


Starting this blog over. I figured it’s a nice rant location since not many people go out and read this so we’ll see how well it goes. In the meantime I did just update a Musings Page I created literally an hour and a half ago and you can find that site here:

Written Musings by Soledad

Until next time,

Soledad Trudeau

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